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Logo Design & Branding

Restaurant Logo Types

Difference between a Logo & an Illustration

A business logo design is an effective stylised icon and/or text which captures and defines your corporate identity. The majority of logos we design fall into this category.


An Illustration logo design is a detailed illustration that is used as a logo. These are developed along a single design idea and involve intricate detailed artwork and design skills. An illlustration usually invovles a character, e.g. a lion, chef, dancer, lizard, etc. We develop the character to be a representative of your idea. Having said that if you wanted an animal for example in a business logo, that would still be ok, however the design is likely to be a sillhouette or stylised version, for detail illustration, you will need to buy the illustration logo.

Illustration Logo Samples

illustrations sample

Business Logo Samples

logo business samples

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